Cable Management Systems

Providing optimal cable protection and management

Well planned cable management is critical to support the large number of data cables, fibre patch cords, power cords and network devices. We supply bespoke cable management solutions to run from point of entry through to white space for optimal protection and management of fibre and copper cables. We also provide UK design and in-house fabrication at scale for bespoke solutions.

Cable management tray

A highly modular and robust cable containment system for use in overhead and underfloor applications. Available in electroplated chrome, gloss black polyester-based paint or a colour of your choice.

Cable trays and associated fitting components can be delivered as complete kits or we provide a turnkey design, manufacture and installation service.

Cable Management Tray


Widths: 100mm-600mm
Heights: 50mm, 100mm, 150mm

Cable Management

Fibre Optic Ducting Raceway Solutions

Fibre optic raceway system

Our YellowDuct ducting raceway is an easy to fit system that is hugely adaptable with over 350 individual components in 7 sizes and can be mounted from walls, ladder racks, on raised floor support brackets, floors and equipment racks or frames. It protects fibres and ensures that the bend radius of the cable is not compromised.

All components simply snap together or can be joined with ‘spotless’ joiners for a fast and simple fit, saving time and money. Vertical drops can be positioned or added easily with the addition of a cut-out in the horizontal duct raceway using a hand tool or by using the express ‘over the top’ drop option which requires no tools.

Manufactured from Noryl, a very strong engineering plastic, our system is manufactured to the highest international quality standards.

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