Case Studies

Browse our case-studies to learn more about customer projects and the solutions we’ve developed for them.

Shielded enclosure for
SCADA network

The new SCADA upgrade has allowed the electricity network operator unparalleled insight and control over their asset performance, saving millions of pounds and contributing to strategic environmental goals.

Seismic rated rack with acoustic damping

A rack solution was created that perfectly met the customer’s challenging thermal, acoustic and seismic specifications, fully tested and independently certified.

High density cold aisle containment for critical science facility

The enhanced performance of the new compute infrastructure enabled Diamond to improve the research capabilities for over 14,000 researchers from academia and industry across various scientific disciplines.

Adapting a 19" format for ANSI 23" format

The new branded rack solution with improved operational capability and fibre management has enabled the telecommunications supplier to sell the ANSI product into the UK market, adding a new product line to their portfolio.

High density optical racks ensure global consistency

The new racks are now being deployed worldwide so that sites are built to a consistent specification everywhere, troubleshooting is simplified, errors reduced, and future upgrades will be much more straightforward to implement.

Tailored PDU solution improves efficiency for global telco manufacturer

The new approach has enabled the manufacturer to streamline and optimise its supply chain with single part number ordering and lower purchasing costs, Reduced assembly time on-site has improved efficiency and productivity too.  

Cooling solution for national bandwidth upgrade reduces costs

To date ten sites have been upgraded, over 800 racks, configured in 50 hot and cold aisle contained pods. The customer has been able to deploy the new equipment upgrade while controlling energy utilisation for cost effectiveness as well as to meet green corporate objectives.

National telecom operator reduces deployment time and cost

The new approach reduces time on site, errors, project management overheads and multiple visits, leading to a step change in efficiency and total cost as well as enabling a much more rapid rollout for the operator to achieve the service upgrade.

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