Energy Solutions

Marshalling kiosks/remote interface kiosks, EV power cabinets, energy storage and hydrogen & battery enclosures

Innovative protection for energy

Premium enclosures for cutting-edge energy infrastructure

Rainford Solutions is a forward thinking UK based designer, manufacturer and supplier of high quality enclosures specifically designed for energy-related applications. We play a crucial role in ensuring the safe and efficient operation of energy infrastructure. Our enclosures are designed to protect equipment, control systems, and sensitive components used in power generation, distribution, storage and consumption.

Accessibility meets protection

Our innovative enclosure design caters to key considerations for energy suppliers such as accessibility to batteries and components and protection from harsh environments.

Our comprehensive range of enclosures includes marshalling kiosks / remote interface kiosks, UPS enclosures, outdoor electric enclosures for EV and FCEV charging, EV charging feeder pillars, hydrogen cell enclosures, battery storage, CCTV equipment and utility enclosures.  

Our enclosures and cabinets

marshalling kiosk

Marshalling Kiosks/Remote Interface Kiosks

Our marshalling kiosks are engineered to safeguard transformers, switchgear, and relays and our enclosures enable uninterrupted electricity flow. All our solutions combat weather extremes and unauthorised access.


ev enclosure

EV Power

Our enclosures fortify charging stations, providing a secure haven for electronics and payment systems. Suited to housing cutting-edge charging technology with sleek design, our enclosures are the foundation of modern EV charging solutions.

Hydrogen and Battery Enclosures

Our enclosures for traditional generator housing to new wave modern hydrogen fuel cell generators ensure seamless energy generation.  We provide solutions that protect both operators and equipment from harsh and challenging environments, facilitating safe and efficient power production. 

Renewable Energy

Our enclosures are meticulously designed to withstand the challenges of renewable energy installations. From solar farms to wind turbines and hydropower plants, we work with you to engineer enclosures that shield your critical electronics, CCTV and control systems, providing security for continuous energy generation in all conditions.


Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) Components

As the smart grid landscape expands, our enclosures keep you at the forefront. Providing housings for advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) components and communication devices, we ensure the correct environment is available for seamless data collection, enhancing the intelligence and efficiency of modern energy systems.

Energy Storage

Empower your energy storage initiatives with our robust enclosures. Whether integrated with renewables or supporting grid stabilisation, our enclosures protect battery systems facilitating efficient and secure energy storage solutions.


Why choose us?

Rainford provides innovative design and manufacturing for renewable energy infrastructure. Our state of the art enclosures are tailored to the unique demands of the UK energy market. 

Cost-effective solutions

Over 40 years experience

Advanced UK manufacturing plant

Capacity for national scale projects

Flexible & rapid design customisation

Technical excellence

Low total cost of ownership

Consult, Design, Make and Protect process

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