Adapting a 19" Format for ANSI 23" Format

Case Study


Adapting a 19" format for ANSI 23" format

Sector: Original Equipment Manufacturer



A global telecommunications equipment manufacturer were experiencing difficulty installing American National Standards Institute (ANSI) 23” format equipment inside a standard European format 600mm wide rack. Limited access space restricted fibre cable management which had a direct impact on the flexibility and operation of the ODF system.

The challenge

How to fit a quart inside a pint pot? Mounting 23” equipment modules into racks designed for 19” format equipment is a conundrum, causing tight fits and very restricted access for installation and ongoing fibre management.

Our approach

Rainford Solutions’ approach involved understanding the operation of the ODF system and ANSI standards in detail – the difficult equipment installation process, restricted access and poor fibre management that were all causing problems – and designing a reconfigured rack solution to provide improved operational capabilities.

Rainford Solutions has completed almost 4,000 customer projects to date, which gives us a huge library of building blocks from previous designs and experience to draw upon. It means that unique designs do not begin from a completely blank piece of paper, so development costs, and crucially time to market, are not inhibitors to a highly tailored solution.

Our solution

The operational design of the new rack included removable side panels and door frame enabling easy access and installation of ANSI equipment in a 600mm footprint, coupled with an innovative fibre management solution. The company logo was added as a finishing touch to the rack for brand identity.


The new branded rack solution with improved operational capability and fibre management has enabled the telecommunications supplier to sell the ANSI product into the UK market, adding a new product line to their portfolio.
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