Temperature Controlled Location Cases (TCL)


TCL Product Overview

Rainford Solutions’ award nominated PADS approved 3 bay temperature controlled location case is IP54 rated and uses a forced air, active cooling system above 22oC to maintain a suitable working environment for signalling and telecommunications equipment which reduces the likelihood of equipment failing, improving reliability.

The TCL can house both BRS SM440/867 frame work and standard 19 inch racking, allowing the installation of new and legacy equipment.

TCLs can remove the need for REBs with associated air conditioning and having naturally air cooled the location case can save over 300 tonnes of carbon emissions over their design life.

The TCL comprises a ventilated location case designed to host signalling equipment of different types including power supplies, relays and various signalling components as an alternative temperature controlled environment with a smaller footprint than an REB.

The TCL contain three compartments, which are open to each other on the inside for easy access. Two compartments are dedicated mainly to 19 inch racking and allow easy installation of various DIN rail mounted devices. The third compartment contains external wiring cable terminals and fuses.

TCL Key Features

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  • Network Rail PADS Approved: PA05/06865 (Ferriby to Gilberdyke)
  • IP54 Rated
  • 3 Bay TCL
  • Standard height: 34U
  • Size: 2.2m x 1.2m
  • Construction material: 1.4003
  • Ventilated location case
  • 6 x Doors: 3 front and 3 rear
  • 19 inch, DIN rail mounting verticles
  • Anti-vandal features including: stainless steel swing handles, 3-point locking

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    The cabinets are amazing, so well built and engineered, they are miles ahead of anything that is currently being used or that I have seen. There are quite a lot of projects out in Qatar that require these units and I will promote them wherever I can.
    Brian Thomsen
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    Very solid cabinets, low maintenance, high quality, keeps all equipment at a controlled temperature. Perfect for controlled deployment Visit https://b4rn.org.uk/ for further details on the B4RN project.
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    Chief Operating Officer
    Really satisfied with excellent service level.
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    Our partnership with Rainford Solutions has helped us to develop bespoke cabinets for demanding applications using their experience in design engineering and production knowhow.
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    We have used the services of Rainford Solutions several times and have found their quotes and service both robust and competitive. We are very happy with the product in terms of quality and functionality.'
    Telecommunications Company
    We are very happy with the product in terms of both function and the quality of the build.
    UK Market Leader In Telecoms
    Technical competence is more than excellent, I would say outstanding.
    Telecommunications Company
    Quality of product always meets our customer requirements, delivery and communication excellent.
    Telecommunications Company
    These fibre-only cabinets (together with the full-capacity buried ducts) are a far neater solution providing a higher reliability, future-proofed, solution for generations to come. Do it once and do it correctly.
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