Station Information & Security Systems (SISS)

Equipment Cabinets

Rainford Solutions’ COMMSAFE is a range of indoor and outdoor enclosures that offer maximum flexibility to house a broad range of multi-platform equipment for SISS applications.

Communications, power and security systems are a critical element to enhance today’s passenger journey.  They provide real-time information about delays, safety alerts, security notices and general information to enhance a passenger’s experience on the network. (Read our blog article here)

With this in mind COMMSAFE has been developed to meet the most stringent requirements of the UK’s train operating companies.

Robust design coupled with a variety of vandal resistant features, the COMMSAFE cabinet range offers a secure housing that manages the cabinet’s internal environment for heat.  The benefit is maximum protection and uptime for all your critical systems, at a cost-effective price point.

Intelligent Thermal Management System

The intelligent thermal management system prolongs the life of the air filter, which minimises the maintenance frequency of the enclosure,  thus reducing whole life cost.

There are two heat management options available for light and heavy duty, which can be interchanged for an upgrade retrofit, for future proofing.

Our enclosures are supplied fully assembled, ready for immediate deployment.

EnclosuresWidth A (In mm)Depth B (In mm)Height C (In mm)Equipment Area (In U)
Single Bay675600/8001272 | 1494 | 171620 / 25 / 30
Single Bay + End Pod950600/800 1272 | 1494 | 171620 / 25 / 30
Double Bay1335600/800 1272 | 1494 | 171620 / 25 / 30
Double Bay + End Pod1610600/800 1272 | 1494 | 171620 / 25 / 30
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COMMSAFE® is a registered trade mark of Rainford Solutions Ltd, number 3009819

Please note that products and information displayed on this website may change without notice due to continuing product development and are for illustration purposes only. Dimensions of the finished product may also vary slightly, please check with our technical team at time of order.

    COMMSAFE Options / Accessories

    Get In TouchSee all options / Accessories:
    • Various locks available to customers specifications including EK333 & Network Rail 221 Lock, all with 3 point secure locking
    • AC/DC power distribution and backup options
    • 3 heat management options, standard, advanced and air conditioned also anti condensation heater if required
    • Equipment mounting backboard
    • Paint finishes to suit your requirement, standard colours would be grey or green
    • IP54 or higher based on specification
    • Equipment shelves
    • Battery and cable trays
    • Fibre management: splice trays, patch panels
    • Door sensors and temperature sensors
    • ETSI or DIN rail equipment mounting
    • Material of construction is 4003 Stainless Steel with powder coated finish
    • SISS, Station information and security systems
    • Mobile & Radio, 3G 4G 5G, Tetra, Microwave
    • Station
    • CIS
    • CCTV and security systems
    • Security
    • Public announcement
    • Passenger Safety
    • Communications
    The cabinets are amazing, so well built and engineered, they are miles ahead of anything that is currently being used or that I have seen. There are quite a lot of projects out in Qatar that require these units and I will promote them wherever I can.
    Brian Thomsen
    Leonardo Engineer
    Very solid cabinets, low maintenance, high quality, keeps all equipment at a controlled temperature. Perfect for controlled deployment Visit for further details on the B4RN project.
    Tom Rigg
    Broadband for the Rural North Ltd
    Chief Operating Officer
    Really satisfied with excellent service level.
    Materials Buyer
    Electrical / Electronic Manufacturer
    Our partnership with Rainford Solutions has helped us to develop bespoke cabinets for demanding applications using their experience in design engineering and production knowhow.
    Telecommunications Company
    Technical Director
    We have used the services of Rainford Solutions several times and have found their quotes and service both robust and competitive. We are very happy with the product in terms of quality and functionality.'
    Telecommunications Company
    We are very happy with the product in terms of both function and the quality of the build.
    UK Market Leader In Telecoms
    Technical competence is more than excellent, I would say outstanding.
    Telecommunications Company
    Quality of product always meets our customer requirements, delivery and communication excellent.
    Telecommunications Company
    These fibre-only cabinets (together with the full-capacity buried ducts) are a far neater solution providing a higher reliability, future-proofed, solution for generations to come. Do it once and do it correctly.
    Broadband for the Rural North

    Outdoor Enclosures Product Overview:

    Communication, power, signalling and security are all essential functions that railway systems rely on, so here at Rainford Solutions, we’re making sure we keep the UK’s rail network on track by designing and manufacturing high-quality rail infrastructure.

    Rainford Solutions’ Vanguard® outdoor enclosures are specially designed to meet the requirements of the UK rail market, the range offers a modular multi-bay, multi-height, multi-depth product with the flexibility to house a broad range of equipment in a variety of industry-standard mounting formats.

    With robust construction, coupled with a variety of vandal-resistant features, the Vanguard® outdoor enclosure product range provides a cost-effective solution for all your outdoor equipment protection needs.

    The Vanguard® intelligent thermal management system minimises the maintenance frequency of the enclosure, prolongs the life of the air filter and thus reduces the whole life cost of the enclosure. There are two heat management options available for light and heavy-duty, which can be interchanged for an upgrade retrofit for enclosure future-proofing.

    Our outdoor enclosures are supplied fully assembled ready for immediate deployment.

    Outdoor Enclosures Key Features:

    • Range of widths (1, 2 & 3 bays) heights and depths with option for an end pod for housing power distribution equipment
    • Construction material: 1.4003
    • IP ratings up to IP65
    • 19 inch, ETSI and DIN rail equipment mounting options
    • Intelligent thermal management system
    • Vandal resistant features including: die cast swing handles, 3-point locking
    • Pitched roof
    • Gland plate in each bay for cable entry
    • Finish: polyester powder coated
    • Range of 19" rack mountable accessories
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