Fixed Telecom
We design and manufacture IP rated cabinets (FTTH and FTTP), 19” racks and indoor racks for housing powered equipment and passive fibre connectivity

We manufacture quality fixed telecom network enclosures

Our fixed telco portfolio includes outdoor cabinets, streetside broadband enclosures for FTTx applications such as FTTP, FTTC and FTTH, indoor racks, overhead cable management solutions and hot and cold aisle containment systems.

We are specialists at designing and manufacturing high quality, innovative and, above all, robust enclosures to protect your telecom equipment whether that is in remote locations or in your own premises. Our customers include leading telecom network providers and OEMs. We supply IP rated and thermal cooled enclosures to protect both passive and active equipment.

The Rainford Solutions four-pillar consult, design, make and protect process for all of our cabinets and racks ensures we can deliver enclosures that will protect and optimise the performance of the latest and future technologies for vendors such as Adtran, Nokia, and Huawei and fibre optic companies such as Commscope, Hexatronic and HellermannTyton.

Safe and secure telecom cabinets and racks

With thermal and ingress protection (IP) and offering physical security against vandals, our telecom street cabinets and 19” indoor telecom racks are designed and manufactured for the safe and secure installation of your active and passive telecom equipment.
Outdoor street side enclosures for established and next generation applications

Outdoor Cabinets

We manufacture FTTx outdoor street side enclosures for established and next generation applications. Our cabinets offer maximum protection against vandalism and extreme weather conditions.

Indoor Racks and Cabinets

Our Vanquish range of indoor telecom racks and cabinets is a modular, off the shelf solution offering flexibility for expanding your existing infrastructure cost effectively.

Hot & cold aisle containment systems

We develop hot aisle containment (HAC) and cold aisle containment (CAC) systems to increase the efficiency of your cooling system, ultimately protecting your servers and IT equipment from overheating and saving energy.

Overhead cable management

We manufacture and supply modular overhead cable management systems for simple and cost-effective management of the power, fibre and copper cabling in your telecom equipment rooms.

Why choose us?

We have 40 years’ experience of designing, manufacturing and installing cabinets and racks for fixed telecom applications.

Our outdoor FTTx cabinets are premium quality and offer unparalleled protection against vandals and extreme weather. Our indoor range of cabinets and overhead cable management solutions is modular. As your needs change and expand, your racks, cabinets and cable management can grow with you. We can pre-wire your racks and cabinets on site at our 114,000 sqft UK factory to save you valuable installation time.

Fixed Telco Key Features & Benefits

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Rainford Solutions trades with UK and international companies having registered operations within the European Union.

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