Rail SISS Upgrades

Case Study

Project - Rail SISS Upgrades

Sector: Rail – Station Information and Surveillance Systems
Project: SISS Upgrades
Location: Western, LNE & EMT

Project background:

The station SISS upgrades on the LNE & EMT routes are aimed at delivering improved passenger communication and consist of: CCTV cameras, Public Information Display Systems and Public Announcement Systems. These communication systems are powered and controlled by a range of equipment housed in cabinets designed and manufactured by Rainford Solutions.

Advantages of our design and service:

High levels of integration

This particular cabinet was manufactured according to level 3 of our integration service, which comprises of mechanical assembly with thermal management and power management.

We deliver various levels of integration that can be divided into 6 stages depending on the client’s project management and product requirements.

Flexible project management

After agreeing on the detailed project requirements we began to manufacture the product. Once the cabinets had undergone the thermal and electrical integration the project requirements changed and we were asked to carry out modifications to the electrical units. Our flexibility in project management allowed us to carry out these amendments without any implications on the client’s project schedule. Our flexible assembly process, responsiveness and hands on project management help us adapt easily to the project changes that may take place during complex schemes. We ensure that our products are right from the start and require minimal project management from the client.

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    • Optimal thermal management
    • Ease of Installation
    • Industry knowledge
    • Unlimited choice of colours
    • Flexible cable management

    Optimal thermal management

    The cabinets’ thermal management system comprises of thermostatically controlled fan and filter. The method ensures top energy conservation and extends life of a filter due to the intelligent speed control. In order to ensure effective thermal conditions for the equipment we consider client’s individual specifications. In particular, our market leading knowledge of the telecom equipment specifications allows us to match the cooling system to ensure low maintenance and energy efficiency.

    Ease of Installation

    The cabinet has been designed so it can be deployed onto the plinth fully equipped to avoid on site installation. In order to enable this, the removable lifting points were modified to suit cabinet’s weigh. Additionally the cabinet is designed in a way that allows it to be mounted on both Network Rail SK2409 plinths as well as on a pre-cast concrete base. This means that the installation time is reduced significantly.

    Industry knowledge

    We understand the strict product requirements of Network Rail and ensure our products comply with its deployment standards. We have equipped the cabinet with our standard security features integrated with the locking system specified by Network Rail to allow easy access. This particular cabinet is yet another quality product to contribute to our extensive experience within the Transport sector.

    Unlimited choice of colours

    The cabinets come in various colours to reflect corporate identity of different Network Rail operators. Our bespoke service allows for production of small volumes with no limits on colour.

    Flexible cable management

    After initial consultation regarding our client’s project requirements we incorporated bespoke flexible cable management system into the design. This allowed for more generous cable accommodation and enabled easy access. The design also allowed for easy equipment accommodation.

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    Customer recommendation

    We engaged the services of Rainford Solutions to provide a robust solution that was not only fit for purpose but was also cost-effective. The solution provided has been deployed successfully on over fifty stations throughout the north of England. Rainford Solutions have been very proactive and have exceeded all our expectations through Design, Build and Delivery. An invaluable delivery partner to our company.’ SISS Engineering Manager

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