Nationwide bandwidth explosion needs cool heads

Case Study

Project - Reduce Cooling Costs

Project: Reduce Cooling Costs
Sector: Tier 1 Telecom Operator


A national ‘flag carrier’ operator was upgrading core backbone network bandwidth with very energy dense equipment that stretched existing cooling capabilities. They wanted to implement aisle containment to control air flow for more efficient heat management.

The Challenge:

Every site was quite different, being legacy buildings with ceiling heights and columns not usually found in a newer ‘data hall’ type of facility. The client wanted to implement hot and cold aisle containment to achieve the desired cooling efficiencies, while keeping existing rack format and security standards and integrate with existing overhead cable management systems – all developed over many years.

Our Approach:

Following a series of site visits to understand the variety of mechanical challenges across the estate design concepts for flexible configurability were developed in 3D and iteratively refined with the customer’s project team and various specialist in-house standard owners. A full scale prototype was built in order for inspection and testing of the various features, and some further fine tuning.

Rainford Solutions has completed almost 4,000 customer projects to date, which gives us a huge library of building blocks from previous designs and experience to draw upon. It means that unique solutions do not begin from a completely blank piece of paper, so development costs and crucially time to market are not inhibitors to a highly tailored product.

The Solution:

Hot and cold aisle solutions have been delivered, with flexibility for installation into even the most awkward site that interfaces perfectly with legacy infrastructure. The ability to work safely above two metre heights while managing power and fibre optic cables has also been satisfied.

Customer Outcome:

The customer has been able to deploy the new equipment upgrade while controlling energy utilisation for cost effectiveness as well as to meet green Corporate objectives.

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