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Seismic Cabinets

Vanquish S-Series

Seismic Cabinet Product Overview:

World-Class electrical enclosure specialists, Rainford Solutions has provided enclosures to the telecommunications market for over 30 years, the team have now also developed an innovative range of seismic zone 4 cabinets.  The new range of Vanquish® S-Series seismic cabinets and seismic racks are designed for deployment in communication facilities including computer rooms, warehouse and equipment rooms that are located in high active seismic areas and protect housed network, electronic and telephone equipment.

Seismic cabinets / earthquake proof cabinets provide a safe and secure environment for sensitive equipment in zone 4 areas where earthquakes can put systems at risk without any prior warning.  The Rainford range of seismic zone 4 cabinets will perform and ensure the integrity of their clients’ housed equipment.      Areas of high seismic activity prone to earthquakes include: Japan, Nepal, India, Ecuador, Philippines, Pakistan, El Salvador, Mexico, Turkey, Indonesia, Thailand, Italy, Portugal and Greece.  The range of seismic zone 4 cabinets designed and manufactured by Rainford are designed to GR-63-CORE Zone 4 standard to accommodate the applicable seismic zone requirements.

Seismic Cabinet SizesHeightWidth mmDepth mm
Vanquish® S-Series Seismic Rack47U600300
Vanquish® S-Series Seismic Cabinet47U600600
Vanquish® S-Series Seismic Cabinet47U600800
Vanquish® S-Series Seismic Cabinet47U6001000
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    Seismic Testing & Industry Standards

    Testing is in accordance with NEBS specification GR-63-CORE for Zone 4 and European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) EN 300 019-2-3 v2.4.1 Environmental Conditions and Environmental Tests for Telecommunications Equipment; Part 2-3: Tested with 500kg of equipment installed.

    Industry Standards

    • NEBS Telcordia GR-63-CORE
    • Designed and manufactured in the UK under ISO 9001
    • Seismic Cabinets - Rainford Solutions

    Seismic Cabinet Testing Video

    Please watch the Seismic Cabinet Testing Video carried out at the University of Bristol to the requirements of GR-63-CORE Zone 4 standard.

    Seismic Cabinet Key Features & Benefits

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    • NEBS Zone 4 Certified
    • Standard height: 47U
    • Width: 600mm
    • Depth: 300mm, 600mm, 800mm, 1000mm
    • Other sizes available upon request
    • 19” and ETSI standard
    • Fully welded steel construction
    • Robust cabinet
    • Physical protection for housed equipment
    • Suitable for extreme load conditions
    • Designed and manufactured in the UK under ISO 9001
    • Supplied fully assembled

    Seismic Cabinet FAQs

    Q. What is a Seismic Cabinet?

    The Rainford Solutions – Vanquish S – Series Cabinet is an enclosed four-post rack designed with an extra-rigid structure to resist deflection when under load from the vibrations and motion caused during a seismic event.

    Q. What sizes of Seismic Cabinets do you offer?

    The Vanquish S – Series Cabinets are available as standard in the following sizes:


    Width (mm) Depth (mm) Height (mm)
    600 300 2200 (47U)
    600 600 2200 (47U)
    600 800 2200 (47U)
    600 1000 2200 (47U)


    Other cabinet sizes are available upon request. Please get in touch to discuss.

    Q. Are the seismic cabinets provided with 19 Inch equipment mountings?

    Yes, the Vanquish S – Series cabinets come with 19 Inch equipment mounting rails fitted as standard. Alternatively, ETSI equipment mounting rails can be fitted upon request.

    Q. Does the seismic cabinet come with any cable management?

    Yes, the Vanquish S – Series cabinet design includes front vertical cable routing on the left and right hand sides for cables. The cabinet also allows for vertical cable trays to be fitted and adjusted for depth behind the 19 Inch equipment mounting verticals.

    Q. How are seismic cabinets tested?

    The qualification method used is single axis vibratory shaker table testing, in accordance with Network Equipment Building System (NEBS) specification GR-63-CORE for Zone 4 and European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) EN 300 019-2-3 v2.4.1 Environmental Conditions and Environmental Tests for Telecommunications Equipment; Part 2-3. This is an industry-recognized standard for testing seismic cabinets. The cabinets are tested in a loaded condition on a seismic ‘shaker’ table to simulate a real seismic event. The table produces random side-to-side, up and down, and front-to-back movements of varying intensity based upon the requirements of NEBS for Zones 1 – 4. The sample seismic cabinets are attached to sensors (accelerometers) to measure and record the movement during the tests. The cabinets are also inspected for any physical damage which may have occurred during the testing.

    Q. How did the Vanquish S – Series cabinets perform when tested?

    The Vanquish S – Series rack and cabinets performed very well in the seismic tests with minimal deflection during the triaxially tests with no physical damage to the frames. Three units were tested: two 600 x 600 x 2200 cabinets and one 600 x 300 x 2200 rack. Each unit was loaded with 500kg of weight to simulate mounted equipment and 22kg on top to represent overhead cables and cable entry. The weight was evenly distributed bottom to top of the units. Each unit was attached to a steel pad with seismic rated floor anchors to simulate the test.

    Q. When should I use a seismic cabinet over a standard cabinet?

    Seismic cabinets should be used in geographical areas with the potential for seismic activity. Seismic cabinets may be called for by the project or building specification. These may reference: NEBS specification GR-63-CORE for Zone 4.

    Q. Is special installation hardware required for the Vanquish S – Series cabinets?

    Yes, all seismic cabinets must be fixed down using to the floor using special heavy-duty anchors. We recommend Hilti HSL Heavy Duty Expansion Anchor M12 or equivalent.

    Q. Will using a seismic cabinet guarantee that equipment installed inside the cabinet will not be damaged during a seismic event?

    No, there is no way to predict the outcome of a seismic event. The use of seismic rated cabinets in areas which experience seismic activity provides a higher level of protection against potential damage. This is not a guarantee that the cabinet will survive a seismic event but a higher level of assurance that the cabinet has been designed and manufactured to withstand a simulated seismic event under approved test conditions.

    Q. Are seismic cabinets more expensive than non-seismic cabinets?

    Yes, seismic cabinets require significantly more design and engineering time. The cabinets are typically manufactured from thicker materials with tighter tolerances and have significantly more welding than that of a standard cabinet structure. The seismic cabinets are then independently tested and certified which also adds to the overall cost of the product.

    Seismic Cabinet Applications

    Get in TouchSee all Cabinet Applications Below:
    • Telecommunications
    • Data Centres
    • Communication Facilities
    • Factories
    • Airports
    • Power Stations
    • Construction Areas
    • Shipping Facilities
    • Warehouses
    • Processing Plants
    • Railroads
    • Military Installations and many more applications...

    Download Vanquish® S-Series Seismic product data sheet

    Please click to download Vanquish® S-Series Seismic product data sheet

    The cabinets are amazing, so well built and engineered, they are miles ahead of anything that is currently being used or that I have seen. There are quite a lot of projects out in Qatar that require these units and I will promote them wherever I can.
    Brian Thomsen
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    Very solid cabinets, low maintenance, high quality, keeps all equipment at a controlled temperature. Perfect for controlled deployment Visit https://b4rn.org.uk/ for further details on the B4RN project.
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    Really satisfied with excellent service level.
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    Our partnership with Rainford Solutions has helped us to develop bespoke cabinets for demanding applications using their experience in design engineering and production knowhow.
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    We have used the services of Rainford Solutions several times and have found their quotes and service both robust and competitive. We are very happy with the product in terms of quality and functionality.'
    Telecommunications Company
    We are very happy with the product in terms of both function and the quality of the build.
    UK Market Leader In Telecoms
    Technical competence is more than excellent, I would say outstanding.
    Telecommunications Company
    Quality of product always meets our customer requirements, delivery and communication excellent.
    Telecommunications Company
    These fibre-only cabinets (together with the full-capacity buried ducts) are a far neater solution providing a higher reliability, future-proofed, solution for generations to come. Do it once and do it correctly.
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