Preview of our new paint plant – setting new standards

Our new paint plant is nearly ready and will start operations next month.  Currently the team is conducting vigorous assessments of the powder paints and processes in accordance with required ISO standards. 

So ahead of the launch, here’s a preview of what’s to come and a look at some of the technology we have invested in.  We’ve partnered with two of the world’s leading specialists in electrostatic powder coating, GEMA and RDM and have created one of the most advanced in-house powder paint operations in the UK.

Paint Facility Preview
Industry leading technology and automation

Over 950 sqm, the plant houses two advanced powder coating processes including two ovens and on- and off-line spray-booths.  Line one comprises a fully automated on-line solution, with an advanced four stage pre-treatment wash, and encompasses the latest fast colour change powder application technology.

This line will support small to large production volumes with a second semi-automated bespoke line supporting prototype and project work.

Central to the plant is our Magic Compact fast colour change spray-booth which has a 5 to 15 minute colour change time. It has a recycling cyclone, automatic reciprocating guns and two manual touch-up platforms. It also features a pioneering interface for smart factory automation that ensures intelligent networking for all application components providing greater efficiency and manageability to the process.

GEMA’S  latest Opticentre feeds the system with powder and incorporates all in one suction pump technology.  The Optispeeder hopper features include powder level detection and a highly automated cleaning process.

Clean and Green

Furthermore, the state-of-the-art paint booth has a paint reclaim value of 97% – the highest reclaim figure in the industry.  Excess paint falls back into the system and gets cleaned and remixed with fresh paint, reducing waste to just 3%.

The advanced automation and leading edge technology and equipment in our new plant will ensure our enclosures have the highest quality paint application and powder coating performance. 

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