Not Just Green Cabinets

not just green cabinets

Although we are famous for our green cabinets for broadband networks (other colours are available!), to quote from our Environmental Policy “Protecting our shared environment is of fundamental importance to Rainford Solutions Ltd, as it is to our employees, customers, and other stakeholders.”

Not just words in a dusty document, these recent initiatives highlight the commitment to continually improve the environmental performance of our products and processes, minimising the use of natural resources to limit the adverse effects of climate change.

We have recently made significant factory investment replacing all our CNC metal cutting machines – two high throughput punching cells and a laser – with the latest technology from renowned Japanese innovator Amada. The total annual saving of 200,000 KWh is equivalent to 141 metric tons of CO2 for the three machines – roughly equivalent to powering 16 homes for a year, it’s like taking 30 passenger cars off the road.

The whole company uses LED lighting, which also contributes to safety and wellbeing because as well as saving energy it is much brighter. The same goes for a new Smart heating system that was introduced this year in the cavernous manufacturing areas, replacing an outdated furnace system.

Another 2020 project introduced ruggedised iPads to allow paperless quality control reporting, so all paper QC checklists have been replaced with an online cloud system.

Technical Director Steve Blackburn put it simply: “When it comes to climate change everyone can make a difference, and frankly everyone needs to”.

At Rainford Solutions we are proud to be doing our bit.

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