Rainford Solutions designs and manufactures COMMSAFE SISS, TRACKSAFE outdoor enclosures (cabinets, location cases and TCLs) for UK intercity, metro, light rail and LUL platform and trackside applications.




We have been designing and manufacturing enclosures within the UK for over 40 years. For our rail customers, our portfolio includes enclosures designed to Network Rail PADS specification, approved temperature-controlled location cases (TCLs), SISS / CIS cabinets and LOCs to house telecom, signalling and switchgear equipment.

Our engineering team has extensive experience of working with rail projects throughout the UK.  We have developed solutions for a variety of applications in compliance with Rail Industry standards. We are a registered supplier of the RISQS (Railway Industry Supplier Qualification Scheme), members of the Rail Alliance and operate to ISO 9001 quality management standards.

Our BR440, 19” and ETSI format racks, cabinets and location cases are used for a wide variety of applications including station information and security (CCTV), Wi-Fi controllers, car parking ANPR, train monitoring, and signalling.

With a 114,000 square foot factory in St Helens, UK, we have the flexibility and capacity for volume manufacture to support your national rail infrastructure projects.

Unrivalled Flexibility and Protection

Our enclosures are supplied fully assembled, ready for immediate deployment. Our four-pillar approach  to protection means your equipment will perform at its best, achieving high levels of reliability and minimum in-life maintenance costs.
Rainford Commsafe Cabinet

COMMSAFE™ - SISS Equipment Cabinets

Our COMMSAFE™ range of indoor and outdoor enclosures can house a broad range of multi-platform equipment for SISS applications. Robust with vandal resistant features and a thermal management system, COMMSAFE™ offers maximum protection and uptime for all your critical systems.

TRACKSAFE™ - Next Generation Location Cases

Secure, robust and tested to Network Rail’s performance requirements for installation within 3 metres of the track, TRACKSAFE™ is designed to support the next generation of digital railway equipment and has a cleverly engineered zero-maintenance passive cooling system.

TCL - Temperature controlled location cases

Our PADS approved 3 bay TCL is IP54 rated and has a smaller footprint than an REB. An active cooling system maintains a suitable temperature for signalling and telecommunications equipment, reducing equipment failure and improving reliability.

Our indoor and outdoor solutions

We have a complete range of indoor racks and cabinets that are available to order as off the shelf products in a variety of sizes and with many modular optional features, with 1000kg static load capability. Our outdoor weatherproof IP Rated enclosures offer a modular product range in multi bay, multi height and multi depth options, with the flexibility to house a broad range of equipment in a variety of industry standard mounting formats.

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Rainford Solutions trades with UK and international companies having registered operations within the European Union.

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