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Unmanned Access Control and Asset Tracking Module

Rainford Solutions have just completed a pre-production model of an exciting high tech product called an ePod®. This unmanned, self -contained, self-service rental / hire portal has been a result of cooperation between Codegate – a software developer and system integrator specialising in mobile computing and track & trace; and Speedy – equipment hire and support services company. We have used our engineering expertise in the area of modular enclosure design and integration to make this novel concept into a fully operational unit. Read on to find out about our role in the project.

ePod® Front Door Open Shot

What we did:

Apart from improving the quality of the on site activities the ePod® flexible construction was driven by the following key factors: to deliver complete intelligent solutions to end customers’ sites.

We have provided Codegate with a complete solution where we engineered and built the product on our manufacturing premises from pre-engineered units. Bolted steel framing makes the ePod® a strong, durable and dimensionally stable. The framework is engineered to be sufficiently stiff that it protects the internal finishes against damage during transportation and allows smooth operation of all the electronics it contains. Additionally light steel framing can be transported and handled easily on site without expensive equipment.


Inside, the ePod® is divided into three chambers:

  • A walk through portal
  • A damage store area
  • An IT cupboard containing the brains of the system

Here is how it works:

The ePod® is transported to the site and attached to the equipment storage entry. The customer is issued a unique entry tag for each authorized ePod user. On entering, the user is greeted by an audible welcome message and talked through how to use the unit. Assets are simply carried in and out of the portal. All assets are tracked by the ePod® via RFID tags fitted with the equipment. This information is communicated immediately over GPRS back to the remote servers allowing movements to be monitored via web portal.

The usability:

The ePod® is intended for organisations that need ready access to assets in a secure area but where it is not cost effective to have a manned facility. It is designed to withstand the harsh environment of a construction site and therefore could be used in a wide range of similar industries, including rail, nuclear, aerospace, military, and petrochemical. The ePod is can be inserted inside a standard shipping container.

How do I get hold of one?

Developed in partnership with Codegate and Speedy Services it is available for purchase or hire exclusively through Speedy. We work in many sectors and in close involvement with our clients assessing the business related benefits for the choice of the applications with the possibility of other variants.

ePod® is the registered trade mark of Speedy Hire Plc, number 10580819

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