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Thermal Management Solutions

Intelligent thermal management solutions from Rainford have been specially designed and engineered to integrate aesthetically into a variety of harsh environments. Intelligent technology such as thermostatic fan control ensures that the electronics system runs optimally by monitoring and controlling the temperature produced by devices in the electrical enclosure, 19 rack or cabinet signalling fans to run automatically when required.

Intelligent Thermal Management

Rainford is a global manufacturer of standard and bespoke electrical enclosure solutions, 19 racks and server cabinets for a diverse client base across a wide range of industries. Their Vanguard® range of outdoor enclosures comprises of a Vanguard® intelligent thermal management system, which varies the speed of the fan(s) in accordance with the external conditions, reducing the duty of the system. This also reduces the maintenance frequency of the enclosure prolonging the life of the air filter.

Key Features

  • Thermal control device
  • Forced convection with fans
  • Ventilators and air-conditioners
  • Resistance heaters


  • Prevents overheating and malfunctions
  • Reduces downtime
  • Improves energy efficiency
  • Reduces maintenance frequency
  • Extends equipment life cycles
  • Reduces noise levels

Please contact us for further technical information on our intelligent thermal management solutions for all your electrical enclosures, 19 racks and server cabinets and many more or email us: webenquiries@rainfordsolutions.com

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