Next Generation Station Systems

Today we hear more and more about the digital railway and how it will transform the railway of the future using modern signalling technology.  Enabling trains to run closer together squeezes extra capacity from existing rail infrastructure. But Station Management has been using digital technology for years, and this technology continues to evolve.  Today, multiple systems are being integrated to what we recognise as Security Information Surveillance Systems (SISS). Migration from analogue to digital has introduced ‘plug & play’ architecture using IP connectivity, which has reduced the footprint of centralised equipment.

Station Information & Security
From Analogue to Digital

Previously this category could be broken down into independent systems for CCTV, Public Address (PA), and Customer Information Systems (CIS).  The links between them would depend on people, and therefore be time consuming and prone to error.

The integration of these systems, using SMART devices connected over IP networks, into a coherent Station Information and Security System (SISS) means that stations can be managed much more efficiently, safely, and to the benefit of passengers.

For example, if a fire alarm was activated in a public area SISS allows central monitoring of the target of interest while safely guiding passengers, emergency services or rail maintenance staff through stations to clear the incident. Other linked transport services can be also be notified and information provided by screens and announcements to improve the ensuing chaos, connecting people with alternative transport services.

The future of SISS will continue to evolve, especially with the introduction of Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities great things lie ahead.

Rainford Solutions’ COMMSAFE™ cabinet range has been deigned specifically to support these changes, providing maximum protection to keep your SIS systems secure.

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