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Rainford is a member of the Rail Alliance

Rainford Solutions is proud to be a member of the Rail Alliance, a B2B networking organisation for the Rail Industry. Membership provides excellent networking opportunities for Rainford to meet with other companies within the rail industry and to showcase their rail portfolio including trackside cabinets and PADS approved temperature controlled location cases (PA05/06865).

Rainford Solutions Rail Division caters for the wide and varied specialised engineering requirements of the rail industry and is committed to many industry standards and certification schemes to meet and exceed the quality assurance expectations of their clients’.

Rainford offers industry certification for all of their cabinets and enclosures if required including PADS approval, Seismic, IP ratings, EMC, shock and vibration, electrical safety and environmental and corrosion resistance testing.

World-Class Rail Solutions

Rainford Rail has been and is currently involved with numerous rail projects throughout the UK, providing an extensive range of trackside cabinets, rail enclosures and rail location cases to suit a wide variety of rail applications providing high levels of physical security.

Being a member of the Rail Alliance the rail sector’s largest dedicated B2B networking organisation, is an excellent opportunity for Rainford Rail to do combine both business and networking. It is an essential business resource for organisations involved in the rail sector, which helps to bring customers, suppliers and supply chain opportunities together whilst supporting their members.

Please contact the Rainford Rail team today for further details on trackside cabinets solutions including PADS approved temperature controlled location cases (TCL), EMC enclosures and IP rated enclosures (e) rail@rainfordsolutions.com (t) +44 (0) 1744 889 886

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