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EMC Cabinets

Vanquish® E-Series

Vanquish® E-Series EMC Enclosures Product Overview

World-Class electrical enclosure specialists, Rainford Solutions design, engineer and manufacture systems for EMP, Tempest and general EMC requirements.

Electromagnetic compatibility is defined as the condition which exists when equipment is performing its designed function without causing or suffering unacceptable degradation due to electromagnetic interference to or from other equipment.

EMC refers to a kind of environmental equilibrium; in this case the environment is an electromagnetic one consisting of invisible disturbances which travel through the air or through metal cabinets or wires.

Rainford EMC enclosures deliver a combination of mechanical and electromagnetic protection features to accommodate each individual scenario and are designed to meet the EU electromagnetic compatibility regulations for critical equipment.

EMC Enclosure SizesHeightWidth mmDepth mm
Vanquish® E-Series EMC Enclosure 12U600600
Vanquish® E-Series EMC Enclosure 12U600800
Vanquish® E-Series EMC Enclosure 21U600600
Vanquish® E-Series EMC Enclosure 21U600800
Vanquish® E-Series EMC Enclosure 45U600600
Vanquish® E-Series EMC Enclosure 45U600800
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EMC Enclosures Key Features & Benefits

Get in TouchSee all Key Features & Benefits:
  • EMC protection
  • Standard heights: 12U, 21U, 45U
  • 1 width: 600mm
  • 2 depths: 600mm and 800mm
  • 19” equipment mounting verticals
  • Supplied with 4 x lifting eyes
  • Top and bottom EMC gland plates for cable entry
  • Cabinet earth point provided in cabinet base
  • Range of 19” rack mountable accessories
  • IP rated electrical enclosures from IP54, IP55, IP65 up to IP66
  • Fully welded stainless steel construction
  • Corrosion resistance provided by polyester powder coating
  • Protection from harsh outdoor and industrial environments
  • Supplied fully assembled

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    Ruggedized solutions for Demanding Conditions

    Get in TouchThese include but are not limited to:
    • Temperature controls
    • Humidity specifications
    • Shock and vibration
    • Endurance
    • MTTR (mean time to repair)
    • MTBF (mean time between failures)
    • Electromagnetic threats include:
    • - Radio and Radar Transmissions
    • - Lightning
    • - NEMP (Nuclear Electromagnetic Pulse)
    • - Transients

    EMC Enclosure Applications

    Get in TouchSee our Enclosure Applications:
    • Defence and Security Applications
    • External Plant
    • House Electronic Equipment
    • Industrial Process Control
    • Medical Applications
    • Telecommunications Equipment
    • Transportation (Rail & Roadside)
    • Bespoke applications and many more...
    Vanquish® E-Series

    EMC enclosure Performance

    The Vanquish® E-Series EMC enclosure gives >40dB of attenuation from 10MHz to 1GHz*

    The EMC enclosure comes in a standard height range of 12U, 21U, 45U.

    Alternative equipment heights are available on request.

    The Vanquish® E-Series EMC enclosure comes in two depths 600mm and 800mm.  Excluding depth of doors (Front & Rear).

    *Maximum Values

    The cabinets are amazing, so well built and engineered, they are miles ahead of anything that is currently being used or that I have seen. There are quite a lot of projects out in Qatar that require these units and I will promote them wherever I can.
    Brian Thomsen
    Leonardo Engineer
    Very solid cabinets, low maintenance, high quality, keeps all equipment at a controlled temperature. Perfect for controlled deployment Visit https://b4rn.org.uk/ for further details on the B4RN project.
    Tom Rigg
    Broadband for the Rural North Ltd
    Chief Operating Officer
    Really satisfied with excellent service level.
    Materials Buyer
    Electrical / Electronic Manufacturer
    Our partnership with Rainford Solutions has helped us to develop bespoke cabinets for demanding applications using their experience in design engineering and production knowhow.
    Telecommunications Company
    Technical Director
    We have used the services of Rainford Solutions several times and have found their quotes and service both robust and competitive. We are very happy with the product in terms of quality and functionality.'
    Telecommunications Company
    We are very happy with the product in terms of both function and the quality of the build.
    UK Market Leader In Telecoms
    Technical competence is more than excellent, I would say outstanding.
    Telecommunications Company
    Quality of product always meets our customer requirements, delivery and communication excellent.
    Telecommunications Company
    These fibre-only cabinets (together with the full-capacity buried ducts) are a far neater solution providing a higher reliability, future-proofed, solution for generations to come. Do it once and do it correctly.
    Broadband for the Rural North
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