Mobile Telecom
We design and manufacture enclosures for outdoor mobile and wireless network technology and telecoms equipment

Quality mobile telecom network cabinets and outdoor open frames

We can support you with volume UK production of vendor independent cabinets, enclosures and open frames for outdoor mobile and wireless network technology infrastructure (GSM, GSM-R, LTE, 3G, 4G and 5G radio access network (RAN), WiMAX, Wi-Fi) and indoor 19” telecom racks.

We are specialists at designing and manufacturing high quality, innovative and, above all, robust enclosures and racks to protect your telecom equipment.

We have a four-pillar consult, design, make and protect process for all of our cabinets and racks which ensures we can deliver enclosures that will protect and optimise the performance of your mobile telecom technology.

We can help with:

  • Managing heat dissipation and airflow
  • Supporting neat, easy to maintain copper and optical cable runs
  • Protecting against hostile environments such as water, dust, corrosive atmospheres, high gust wind loading
  • Human factors to reduce installation and commissioning errors and field service time
  • Consideration of vibration, seismic or blast shock conditions if appropriate
  • Shielding from interference due to radio frequency (RF) and electromagnetic fields (EMC)
  • Remote monitoring of environmental parameters, enclosure door security
  • Physical security features against vandalism and intrusion by rodents and insects

Safe and secure telecom cabinets and racks

With thermal and ingress protection (IP) and offering physical security against vandals, our mobile telecom street cabinets and 19” indoor telecom racks are designed and manufactured for the safe and secure installation of your mobile telecom equipment.
Outdoor street side enclosures for established and next generation applications

Outdoor Cabinets

Our outdoor telecom street cabinets for mobile phone basestations, including macrocell, microcell and metrocell sites, offer maximum protection against extreme weather conditions and vandalism.

Indoor Racks and Cabinets

Our Vanquish range of indoor telecom racks and cabinets is a modular, off the shelf solution offering flexibility for expanding your existing infrastructure cost effectively.

Get in touch to discuss your next project for street or rooftop base transceiver station (BTS) RAN cabinets, including AC and DC power and battery back-up enclosures and remote radio unit (RRU) cabinets.

Why choose us?

We have been designing, manufacturing and installing cabinets and racks for mobile telecom applications for over 30 years, stretching back to the original GSM rollout with Mercury Communications and Nokia.

Our mobile telco solutions are vendor agnostic for use with any type of 19” telecom equipment and we have the expertise, know-how and manufacturing capability to manage your large mobile infrastructure projects.

Our specialist engineers will help you optimise your total system, reducing downtime, maintenance and faults and improving reliability to deliver a reduction in your total cost of ownership.

We can provide protective broadband enclosures for any type of wireless and mobile telecom application or equipment including:

  • Unilateral DC power supply
  • Transmission link
  • Baseband equipment
  • Combiner space
  • Joint services
  • Integrated / combined power and communications
  • Power meters
  • Mast head amplifiers
  • Transmission services
  • Open remote radio (RRU) mounting frames / racks

Mobile Telco Key Features & Benefits

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