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Innovative Marshalling Kiosks

Indoor & Outdoor Custom Built Marshalling Kiosks

World-Class electrical enclosure specialists, Rainford Solutions are an established designer and manufacturer of the specialist enclosures used in utilities installations and electrical substations. Marshalling kiosks (MKS) also known as marshalling boxes can be used in either indoor or outdoor applications and can be constructed from stainless steel or galvanised steel depending on the application. Marshalling kiosks provide convenient points for the various control, protection and instrumentation wires which connect to and from different areas located within the substation, including power and instrument transformers and switchgear equipment.

Marshalling kiosks (MKS) are custom designed by Rainford for individual applications, to ensure the correct amount of equipment is included for the current application and also for future development. They can be provided with front and rear access or front access only especially where substation space is limited.

Outdoor marshalling enclosures are fitted with features to minimise the effects of condensation and provide protection to the internal equipment to a level of up to IP66, and can be stand-alone or bayed together to form continuous suites.

Marshalling kiosks (MKS) can include the following:

  • Fuse, relay and control panels
  • UPS / battery charging
  • LV / HV disconnect equipment
  • Substation auxiliary power supply sockets
  • Cable terminals and expansion terminal rails
  • Cable management facilities and cable gland plates
  • Safety insulation barriers
  • Pilot isolation transformers

Please contact us for further technical information on our utilities enclosures, indoor and outdoor marshalling kiosks (MKS), indoor instrumentation cabinets, termination panels, server cabinets, outdoor electrical boxes, and many more or email us: webenquiries@rainfordsolutions.com

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