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Indoor Cabinet Considerations

What benefits do your Rainford indoor racks and indoor cabinets provide?” – is a question that our customers frequently ask us.

With over 30 years of design and manufacturing experience we have engineered as extensive range of indoor racks and indoor cabinets which have been specifically designed for a wide range of indoor applications, to house and protect electronic equipment.

Rainford Solutions indoor racks and indoor cabinets range includes server cabinet, 19 rack, server racks, data cabinets, floor standing cabinets, wall mounted cabinets complimented by an comprehensive range of 19″ racks accessories and ancillaries and many more.

Rainford indoor racks and indoor cabinets are available in a wide range of sizes up to 48U, 19 inch and ETSI standard, wide range of widths from 600mm, 800mm and 1000mm, wide range of depths from 600mm, 800mm, 900mm, 1000mm and 1200mm. Other key features and benefits include:- modular construction, factory built, bay construction (with the use of baying kit), hybrid design, thermal efficiency, hot and cold aisle containment, secure locking solutions, a range of cable management options and accessories are also available.

Indoor Rack / Cabinet Considerations

Choosing the right indoor rack and configuring them to match your business needs will ensure that your IT equipment will operate reliably and efficiently and can help improve power protection, cable management and physical security.

There are a few considerations to think about when choosing the right indoor cabinet such as:-

  • Indoor cabinet height, width, depth and load rating
  • Indoor cabinet design considerations
  • Cabinet layout
  • Room attributes
  • Electrical equipment placing
  • Cable management
  • Physical security
  • Hot and cold aisle containment
  • Power distribution
  • Battery backup
  • Environmental protection

Rainford indoor racks and indoor cabinets are a perfect solution for an extensive range of industries including telecommunications, data centres, office environments, datacomms, server centres, comms rooms, factory, automation, bespoke applications and many other internal applications.

Rainford indoor cabinets can be engineered to your desired specification, or you can choose from our standard Vanquish® product range of indoor racks and indoor cabinets.

Please contact us for expert advice on our range of indoor racks and indoor cabinets.

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