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Cyber Security Cabinet Solutions

Protecting Against Cyber Risks

Due to the increase in the number of global cyber and terrorism attacks that have taken place recently, world-Class electrical enclosure specialists Rainford Solutions are continuously looking for ways to improve their cyber security solutions offering to their clients’. In response to the demand from the cabinet and enclosure industry where security and protection ranks very highly for an increasing number of businesses Rainford provides a range of security solutions to help protect businesses against cyber-attacks and anti-vandalism, their cyber security cabinet offering includes the following:-

  • Cyber Security Cabinets
  • Security Enclosures
  • Security Racks
  • Anti-Vandal Outdoor Cabinets
  • Anti-Graffiti Paint
  • Highly Secure Enclosure Locking Solutions

Infrastructure Protection

Demand for critical infrastructure protection is being driven by the increasing frequency of terror attacks that have taken place recently and the fear that they could strike important sites and networks such as communication, water and electricity, businesses and IT systems.

The market for physical security is also anticipated to be the largest category primarily due to global security concerns including terrorism and flooding urging businesses and the government to ensure the security of their sites and assets.

IoT Insecurity

To accommodate growing trends and to meet the ever growing demands of the age of the Internet of Things (IoT) will present new challenges for businesses dealing with security threats of new technology. IoT will also drive growth in distributed denial-of-service solutions (DDoS) particularly following recent high profile attacks on Twitter, Spotify and Reddit using ‘smart’ home devices and the recent NHS global cyber-attack when computers at hospitals and GPs surgeries in the UK were among tens of thousands hit in almost 100 countries by malware that appeared to be using stolen technology.

Data Centre Security

Cyber-threats, encryption and data privacy are all worrying factors for both the IT industry and the public. Data centres are often overlooked when it comes to providing security important areas to consider when defining data centre physical security are the room, the cabinet, the facility, the perimeter and surveillance. The presence of Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCiM) systems installed to control CCTV, PDUs, cooling and power supplies are all potentially attractive targets for attacks.

Rainford Solutions design and manufacture partitioning which is an innovative partitioning system that enables you to create your own partitioning / room dividers in minutes to suit your individual needs and applications.

The partitioning system provides an innovative and cost-effective way to control and protect your cabinets and equipment, easily adjustable and easy to install it is the perfect partitioning solution to suit an extensive range of applications. The mesh panels allows complete air flow circulation whilst providing physical security for equipment and can be adjusted to fit around your existing cabinets and installations, it also provides visibility for CCTV.

Various configurations of standard sizes and custom options are available including solid panels along with barn style doors for unmanned warehouse applications. Rainfords partitioning system also acts as physical deterrent which is one step closer to cyber security, providing data centre security solutions are fundamental to the longevity of any business.

Cabinet Security

Although it is important to control access to the data centre but also consideration should also be given to the actual cabinet / security rack which is used to house critical data and infrastructure. One security measure to put in place to stop unauthorised access is to install highly secure enclosure locking solutions to the cabinet.

Highly Secure Enclosure Locking Solutions

Rainford’s offering includes highly secure enclosure locking solutions for their cyber security racks, the locks are secure, robust and ergonomic with the additional benefit of adding a valuable layer of protection to both the cabinets and cyber security enclosures along with the critical infrastructure and information stored inside the security enclosure using the latest advances in locking system technology for their cyber security enclosures.

Anti-Vandal Outdoor Cabinets

Rainford also offer anti-vandal cabinets, key features of these outdoor cabinets include: a 3 point locking system, 8mm locking bars with metal rollers, anti-pry protection strips, secure hinges, tamper resistant construction, sealing mechanism – bubble seal provides extra compression a robust metal construction with the additional benefit of anti-graffiti paint.

  • Please Click Here to read all about how a Rainford anti-vandal cabinet security features withstood an intruders attack. Cyber Security Cabinets

The Vanquish® E-Series EMC cabinet has been designed to provide a robust shielded solution for housing a wide range of electronic equipment. The cabinets are supplied fully assembled ready for immediate deployment. The EMC cyber security cabinets are of advanced design to meet the EU electro-magnetic compatibility regulations, for critical equipment such as sensitive IT applications. Performance wise the Vanquish® E-Series EMC cabinet gives >40dB of attenuation from 10MHz to 1GHz*.

Key features of the security cabinet include 19” equipment mounting verticals, top and bottom EMC gland plates for cable entry and cabinet earth point provided in the cabinets base.

Mobility and Wireless Security

Mobility and wireless security will continue to be a challenge to businesses as a large proportion of mobile users will continue connecting to Wi-Fi networks without considering the risks involved, there will be an increased focus to provide high capacity and high performance networks housed by quality infrastructure.

Fibre Optic Cabinets

As fibre optic cable continues to play a major role in the expansion of communications network capacity and the continued investment in fibre cabinet deployment, Rainford fibre optic cabinets are the perfect solution to cater for this growing industry. They offer network installers, ISPs, OEMs and rural broadband communities’ cable housing solutions, helping to deliver an end-to-end full fibre optic connection for both home and business users.

The FTTC, FTTX and FTTH cabinets provide ingress protection and are available in single bay, double bay or triple bay with end pods for housing power distribution equipment with optional door alarm kits for additional security. The cabinets are supported by a robust thermal management system; further benefits include significant energy conservation with intelligent speed control in the cooling system providing extended life of the components and minimized environmental impact.

Implement Best Security Practice

By adopting a more structured process for assessing the potential security risks, implement security rather than facing the consequences after the security breach loss of data, loss of revenue, damaged reputation and a diminished brand value. Best business practice is to have the correct infrastructure in place to detect and respond to cyber-security attacks quickly and effectively.

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