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National telecom operator reduces deployment time, and cost

Case Study

Project - Reduce Wiring Time

Project: Reduce Wiring Time
Sector: Tier 1 Telecom Operator


A national ‘flag carrier’ operator was implementing a new 10Gb network layer and wanted to optimise the delivery supply chain to both accelerate deployment time and reduce cost.

The Challenge:

Previously components were delivered to site and then power wiring beautifully laid in by experienced wiremen prior to equipment installation. Site to site this might vary according the wireman’s individual style. The serial nature of the work and number of trained staff made it a project bottleneck.

Our Approach:

Working closely with the client’s subject matter experts a very detailed Statement of Requirements was defined with all applicable regulations and in-house standards detailed. Building to that standard in a factory environment using repeatable processes and machine cut wiring lengths created a productionised low cost outcome identical to the Gold Build.
Rainford Solutions has completed almost 4,000 customer projects to date, which gives us a huge library of building blocks from previous designs and experience to draw upon. It means that unique solutions do not begin from a completely blank piece of paper, so development costs and crucially time to market are not inhibitors to a highly tailored product.

The Solution:

The final racks now include AC and DC wiring pre-installed and labelled; they are delivered to tile location in the exchange (central office) so that it just needs to be connected to site power and fibre.

Customer Outcome:

The new approach reduces time on site, errors, project management overheads, and often multiple visits, leading to a step change in efficiency and total cost as well as enabling much more rapid rollout for the operator to achieve the service upgrade.

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