Ethernet Broadband

Case Study

Project - Ethernet Broadband

Sector: Telecommunications
Project: Ethernet Broadband
Location: St Edwards Park, Staffordshire

Company profile and request:

Internet solutions company providing internet connectivity solutions for small businesses and large enterprises alike. Its focus is on providing an unparalleled level of support and reliability to its customers, ensuring their satisfaction and a lasting relationship for years to come.

This means that the infrastructure they use must be supported by top quality equipment. The company has recently engaged in the project whereby they installed a high speed broadband connection to a housing estate affected by a digital divide. The company used Ethernet to provide a cost-effective method combining copper and fibre networks to supply high speed broadband. Instead of travelling from the BT exchange, Superfast Broadband is sourced from fibre connection housed in a Rainford Solutions cabinet. That cuts out 1.2 miles from the journey, resulting in a much shorter local loop. As a result the estate receives superfast, ultra reliable, no-limits, 50Mb broadband to St Edwards Park.

Project goals and strategy:

The project required a cabinet suitable to house electronic equipment. After initial consultation the size of the cabinet was reduced. Equipped with thermal management and our standard anti-vandal features, the cabinet was installed at the site to host the connection. The anti-vandal features we applied to the design proved very effective when the cabinet became a target for vandals. Our standard practise of applying 3 point locking, 8mm locking bars with rollers, anti-pry protection strips, secure hinges and robust metal construction protected the product so it was barely touched despite the evidence of forceful attempts to get inside the enclosure.

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    Top Security Features

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    • 3 Point Locking - the 3 locking points are positioned on the top, bottom and in the middle featuring one latch and 2 rollers, which do not require alignments and ensure smooth access throughout the lifecycle of the product. 3 point locking secures the door across the whole length, as opposed to single point locking which would only secure the enclosure in one spot leaving the rest vulnerable to vandalism.
    • Locking Bars - 2 strong 8mm diameter bars run along from the lock the top and bottom of the door increasing the strength of the locking mechanism by supporting the latch and roller bars. The bar used to secure the latch and rollers is one of the most robust on the market providing superior strength & extra pressure to the door.
    • Steel Roller System - the locking bars are equipped with metal rolls at each end of each bar, which are pushed by the locking mechanism into the door gaps to create additional pressure; the bracket holding the roller is welded to the door and all elements of the locking system are steel to provide superior strength.
    • Lock - the whole lock system is operated by one motion only. Its protective cover prevents inserting objects into the slot.
    • Anti-pry Protection Strips - cabinet equipped with protection strips fitted along hinge and locking edges of the doors to prevent the placing of tools into the gap between the door and frame to pry open the door. These run the full height of the doors.
    • Sealing Mechanism - round apertures form uniform pressure across the whole seal section; ‘edge on’ design extends seal life by protecting it from degradation ensuring sustained pressure across the seal; bubble seal design offers extra compression allowing for greater pressure to be applied.
    • Secured Hinges - hinges have a strong tamper-resistant construction fitted with a stainless steel centre pin, sealed within the body of the hinge, all secured with fixings inaccessible from the outside.

    Customer recommendation

    ‘We were looking for a flexible manufacturer to supply us with a top quality product right for our application. When the cabinet was vandalised and came out intact we knew we made the right decision choosing Rainford Solutions. We are impressed with the security features this compact cabinet offers.’ – Internet Solutions Company

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